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How to Write A Compelling Bio for your Real Estate Website

If you are reading this blog post, there is a good chance that you are interested in jazzing up the About Me page on your real estate website and the good news is that you are in the right place. Writing a really good About Me page can mean the difference between turning a complete stranger from the internet into a new customer.

So let’s talk about why you need a compelling About Me page, shall we?

You’re doing all of this online marketing, print advertising, and neighborhood canvasing trying to get people to check out your website. But what happens when they get to your website and head to your About me page and see that it’s half complete or non-existent..or even worse, under construction? (The 90’s called, they want their flashing construction sign back).

You know what’s going to happen?

They’ll likely BOUNCE!


Your About Me page is one of those trust trigger pages that allows people to get to know you, trust you, and build confidence in you as a real estate agent. So we want to make sure that your page has all of the elements that potential clients are looking for.

The About Me page is usually the #2 most visited page on a website (after your homepage) and that’s because people love to see who’s behind the business. They want to get to know who you are and what makes you so special.

And because you ARE super special, we need to find a way to communicate that on your About Me page!

Here’s the secret…your About Me page should be written in a way that attracts your ideal customer and repels people you don’t want to work with.

Introducing the How, Who, WHAT?!, Where method

In this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to use the “How, Who, WHAT?, Where” method to writing a compelling about me page that will make prospective clients fall madly, deeply in love with (in a super-non creepy way, I promise!)

Sidenote: If you are worried about your copywriting skills, don’t worry at the end of this post I’ve got a mad-libs style cheat sheet that you can download to help you create the perfect About Me copy.

Writing an About Me Page for your Real Estate Website

So let’s get started…

The first section of your about me page, believe it or not, should not be about you at allGasp I know what you are thinking, Chrystie you are CRAZY..this page is about needs to be all about me!

Well, friends, if someone is visiting your About Me page, yes, they are interested in you…but more importantly, they want to know how YOU can help THEM in their buying or selling process. Which is why we are going to start off the first paragraph of your About Me page, telling them who you serve, how you serve them & where you serve.

How do you service your real estate clients?

The first paragraph of your Real Estate About Me page should include:

  • Who your target market is
  • How you help them
  • Your local area (City, County)

For example, if you are a buyer’s agent that works with first time home buyers, the first paragraph of your about me page could read something like this,

Hi! I’m Chrystie and I work with first time home buyers to find their dream home in the local Austin, Texas area. Whether you’re looking for a condo, single-family home, or income property, my expertise in the local real estate market combined with my exceptional digital marketing skills allows me to help my clients find a home they fall in love with.

In this example, we address our target market (first time home buyers), how you help clients in your target market (find their dream home) & which local area you service (Austin, Texas).

Bonus Tip: Mentioning your local area is good for SEO, the closer you can get to the first page of Google for your targeted keywords the better!

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Who are you?

The second paragraph of your About Me should include:

  • Who you are
  • What your background is
  • Why you came into the real estate industry

Now that we’ve covered who you help & how you help them, it’s time to let them in on your world. You should take this opportunity to tell them a little bit about you and how you came to become a real estate agent.

I grew up in New England and moved to the Austin & Round Rock area of Texas five years ago with my husband, Pete & my three children. Having been a real estate agent for the last 10 years, I was excited about working with buyers in this Central Texas area.

Some of my hobbies include thrift shopping, tennis & listening to podcasts. (P.S. I love serial killer podcasts, anyone else?) My favorite thing about living in Williamson County is the weather and the fact that I can spend lots of time outdoors with my family.

In these two paragraphs I let potential clients know where I grew up, how long I’ve lived in the area and what I enjoy doing in my free time. This section serves two purposes, first you want to build confidence in your real estate career and secondly, you want to add some personal info to humanize yourself a bit.

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You told them WHAT?

The one section you always want to include on your Real Estate website About Me page address the “WHAT” section of the How, Who, What?, Where method.

The next section is REALLY fun. This is what I like to call the WHAT? section. I call it this because this section is where you are going to add some fun facts about yourself. The goal of this section is to add facts that people can relate too or say to themselves, ME TOO!

Here is an example of a fun facts section:

  • My guilty pleasure is singing karaoke
  • I have a Boston Terrier, named SnoopDogg
  • My favorite cocktail is a Margarita, no salt with a splash of Orange Juice
  • I cannot go a day without Starbucks coffee

As you can see, this section is a little less serious, but what it does is give potential clients a peek into who you are outside of work. It also gives them an opportunity to relate or identify with you. For example, if someone on your page also cannot go a day with Starbucks, they’ll instantly feel a connection to you and that could be the tipping point that makes them reach out to you.

Where do we go from here?

The very last section of your About me page is what I like to call the Where section. In this paragraph, you’ll want to tell the readers WHERE they can go next to reach out to you. You can add your phone number or email if you’d like them to contact you. Or you can encourage them to follow you on social media like Instagram or Facebook, of you can take it a step further and offer them a bonus piece of content, like a “first time home buyer’s guide”.

Here’s an example:

If you are thinking about buying a home in the Austin, Round Rock, or Pflugerville area, I would love to help be your guide. Here are a few ways you can get in touch with me:

I can be reached at 555-5555 or at
Follow me on Instagram & Facebook (
You can also download my free “First Time Home Buyer’s Guide here!

Ready to get started, download the mad-libs style cheat sheet to write your very own About Me page

But before you run off and start writing your page, here are a couple of do’s & don’ts for your Real Estate About Me page that you’ll want to keep in mind:


  • Keep it short & sweet. There is no need to tell them your whole life story, remember they are mostly interested in how you can help them, and if you are qualified to do so.
  • Revisit your About Me page 1-2x a year to make sure that everything is up to date.
  • Use images. You can use your professional headshot or personal candids of you and your family, depending on your comfort level.


  • Write your About me page in the third person. Yes, some real estate agency websites require that you write an About me page in the third person, however, on your own website you should always write it in the first person.
  • Get political. Your About Me page is not the place to discuss your political or religious views. You want to avoid controversial subjects as they may take away from the overall goal of the page which is to qualify you as a great agent.
  • Skip on the local SEO opportunities: As you can see in the examples above, I tried to use local keywords in each of the sections. This will definitely help you to rank higher in search engines for your targeted local keywords.

Now to Recap:

First paragraph (The How) – Address what target market you work with, how you work with them, and which local areas you serve.

Second paragraphs (Who) – In this section talk about yourself, who you are, what you enjoy, and how you came into real estate.

Third paragraph (WHAT?!) – Give the readers a peek into your personal life by adding some fun facts about yourself.

Fourth paragraph (Where) – At the end of your about me page, you should tell them where to go to get in contact with you via phone or email, where they can go to follow you on social media, or give them a bonus piece of content.

If you are ready to write your own About Me page using the “How, Who, WHAT? Where” method then I encourage you to download my fun Madlib style About Me cheatsheet that will help you work through crafting the perfect copy for your page

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